China wholesaler 3″ Heavy Duty Galvanized Steel Sectional Garage Door Pulley crankshaft pulley

Product Description

Description Pulley
Art. NO. CH-PU01
Surface: galvanized or pre-galvanized     
Thickness: 1.2mm
Clamp: 2.0mm


CHI Hardware CORP LTD is located in China, and is a professional exporter of garage door, industrial door and accessories. It is a rapidly growing company.Specialized in producing garage door, industrial door, rolling shutter,spring,hardware,seal strip, window ect.

Our product are exported mainly to Europe, Americal,UAE,South Africa. We has developed very quickly for its continuous products innovation,wide products range,very competitive price, on-time deliveries,extensive marketing and strong techincal support.

Q 1. What’s the payment term? 
A. We accept TT,30% deposit and 70% balance against copy of B/L

Q 2. How’s the delivery time ? 
A.  It will take 10-25 days for 20ft container

Q 3. Tell me the standard of package? 
A. Normally are cartons,we can also packing as your request.

Q 4. Does sample free?
A. Sample usually is free if amount is not too much,only afford the freight.

Q 5. Would you accept to make mold as our request
A. Yes,we do and mold cost can be return when you reach the enough quantity

Q 6.How long are you in this industry?
A. We have in the stamping industry about 30years and have more than 10 years experiences in the hardware for garage door

Q 7. Where is your market? 
A. Our products are popular in Russia,Poland,Croatia,Bosnia and Herzegovina,South Africa,Austrilia, NewZealand,USA, Brazil and so on.

Material: Steel
Thickness: 50mm
Opening Style: Rolling
Opening Type: With Remote Control
Motor Shaft: 3.3m
Power: 80W
US$ 1/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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garge door pulley

In which types of garage door setups are pulleys typically used?

Pulleys are typically used in certain types of garage door setups to facilitate the lifting and lowering of the door. Here are the common types of garage door setups where pulleys are typically employed:

1. Torsion Spring Systems:

Torsion spring systems are a common type of garage door setup, especially in residential applications. In this setup, pulleys are used to guide and support the lifting cables that are attached to the bottom corners of the garage door. The cables pass through the pulleys and connect to the torsion springs, which store and release energy to lift and lower the door.

2. Extension Spring Systems:

Extension spring systems are another type of garage door setup found in many residential and some commercial applications. These systems use pulleys to guide and support the lifting cables that are attached to the bottom corners of the door. The cables extend from the door, run through the pulleys, and connect to extension springs that stretch and contract to facilitate door movement.

3. Manual Garage Doors:

Pulleys are also commonly used in manual garage door setups, where the door is operated by hand without the assistance of a motorized opener. In these setups, pulleys play a crucial role in guiding and supporting the lifting cables, allowing users to manually lift and lower the door with less effort.

4. Some Commercial and Industrial Doors:

In certain commercial and industrial garage door setups, especially those with larger and heavier doors, pulleys may be used to assist in the lifting process. These setups often incorporate high-lift or vertical-lift systems where pulleys play a crucial role in guiding the lifting cables and supporting the weight of the door.

5. Custom or Specialty Garage Doors:

In custom or specialty garage door setups, pulleys may be used based on the specific design and requirements of the door. These setups can include unique configurations or unconventional lifting mechanisms where pulleys are utilized for cable guidance and support.

It’s important to note that not all garage door setups utilize pulleys. Some modern garage door systems, such as those with direct-drive or belt-drive openers, may employ alternative mechanisms that eliminate the need for traditional pulleys.

In summary, pulleys are typically used in garage door setups with torsion spring systems, extension spring systems, manual operation, certain commercial and industrial doors, and custom or specialty garage doors.

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